74p frappuccinos at Starbucks until June 2nd


LikeStarbucks Logo Frappuccinos from Starbucks (tax dodge allegations notwithstanding…)? Get them at 75% off until 2 June: by combining two different half price deals – that’s 74p for the cheapest one (a tall mango or blackcurrent frappuccino). £10 Starbucks Card for £5 from Bespoke Offers Bespoke Offers LogoUntil 11 July, you can buy a £10 Starbucks Card from Barclaycard Bespoke Offers. Despite the name, you don’t need to be a Barclaycard customer to benefit from this deal: unusually, they even accept American Express. You can even get 3p cashback by clicking through TopCashback (no purchase required). It’s limited one per customer, and you need to activate the card by 12 July (just one day after the purchase due date!). Make sure to redeem the card online by clicking through your account to the voucher and copying the code into the prompt. You’ll then be given a card number and security code, that you can copy into your Starbucks account. You then want to transfer the balance to another card on your account (you need to use an app for this), or spend it before 29 September to avoid losing your money. Half Price Frappuccinos  Most Starbucks are currently participating in a promotion for half price Frappuccinos between 3pm and 5pm. Combine this with the Bespoke Offers deal, and you’ve got yourself 75% off! If you miss this, there’s another promotion running with the Starbucks Frappuccino drinks found in supermarkets: collect one neck collar and two caps, and you’re also eligible for the half price deal in the coffee shops until 23 June. Not a Frappuccino fan? If you don’t like cold drinks, you can still save money at Starbucks with these general tips:

  • 25p off your drink when your bring your own cupBring in your own mug, and you’ll save 25p (the one time we seem to win in the exchange rate: in the US, you save a paltry 10¢!). Starbucks are now selling reusable plastic cups, which cost £1. You’ll save 25p straight away, so you only really need to use it three more times to make your money back (bonus: you’ll also help to save the environment!). Note that this usually doesn’t work in conjunction with other offers: for example, the half price Frappuccino deal
  • Use a Starbucks Card and earn loyalty ‘stars’It takes 15 ‘stars’ to earn a free, any-size drink, but you only earn a ‘star’ for each transaction with your card. You also earn status: get to 50 ‘stars’ in a year, and you’ll get free extra shots of expresso, selected flavour syrups, soy milk substitution and whipped cream. No fancy gold card like they’ve got in the US though! The trick with this is to split up your bill into individual items, and to always use up your card to a zero balance: using two cards (it just takes a few seconds to go through as an additional scan if you’ve got the app) will get you two ‘stars’ instead of one