On O2? Get yourself a £1 lunch every Monday at Domino’s/railway stations, and free Caffe Nero on Fridays


o2prioritylunchIf you’ve got a mobile from O2 (or have one of their SIM cards to register the O2 Priority app), you can get a £1 lunch today (and every Monday) thanks to their Priority scheme (available as an app for Android and iOS, and as a web app for Blackberry and Windows Phone).

The lunches include a one-topping four slice pizza at Dominos, or a sandwich, crisps and drink at Upper Crust, Caffe Ritazza or Pumpkin (all stores found at your local railway station).

The offer runs from 11am to 3pm every Monday, and you’ll need to use the app. There’ll probably be a few queues too, so I’d avoid the main lunch hour if I were you.

Full terms and conditions for Caffe Ritazza, Dominos, Upper Crust and Pumpkin are available on the O2 rewards site.

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Edit: There’s now an offer for a free hot drink at Caffe Nero every Friday.

You get this for your £1:


Have an O2 mobile? Get free coffee, popcorn and cookies!


If you’ve got a mobile from O2 (or have one of their SIM cards to register the application), you’re entitled to some free stuff, thanks to their Priority Moments program (available as an app for Android and iOS, and as a web app for Blackberry and Windows Phone).

O2 Priority Moments logo

Their deals aren’t usually that great (the last good one was from HMV before they went into administration…), but they seem to have quite a few good ones to celebrate Easter. There was another offer for some free chocolate from Hotel Chocolat (ended today, unfortunately), but there’s a few more available to use up this week.

Free Coffee from Caffé Nero (valid until 26th March, so be quick!)

You get a free regular coffee (or hot chocolate or tea) from Caffé Nero with this offer – there’s no minimum spend, so just go into branch and grab your free drink.

The codes appear to be unique, plus there’s an animation on the bottom of the screen, so taking a screenshot isn’t going to work (not that you’d try that, of course!)

Free Popcorn, Nachos or a Hot Dog at Odeon (valid until 1st May)

You can get a free large popcorn, hot dog or nachos at Odeon with this offer – whilst there’s no minimum spend, I’m going to assume you’re probably going to be buying a cinema ticket whilst you’re there (unless you really like cinema food).

Two free brownie cookies at Millie’s Cookies (unknown)

I got an email with an offer for free brownie cookies from Millie’s Cookies, but it doesn’t seem to have appeared in the app yet. Hopefully it’ll turn up soon!

Not on O2?

Even if you’re not on O2, you can still use the Priority Moments app if you’ve got a Pay and Go SIM card from them: just install the app and validate it using the number you get texted (you might need to put the O2 SIM card in and install it, or sideload it if you’re using an Android phone, they’ve restricted the download to phones on O2, but once it’s installed, you can install it on new phones through Google Play). I’m not sure if you’ve got to have topped up before activating.

You can get a free sim through Top CashBack, and get £5.05 cashback when you top up £10: or for an even better deal you can get a Nokia 100 (in pink, the black ones have sold out) for £1 when you top up £10 with PrePayMania (visit Top CashBack before you checkout to get £5.05 cashback on top!)

Deal of the Week – HMV


There’s currently a great deal at HMV, which you can get by combining the Amex Foursquare deal and the O2 Priority Moments app.

When you check in to HMV with Foursquare, you’ll get a £5 credit on your Amex account when you spend £20, and there’s currently a deal to get a £5 voucher for every £20 you spend.

Combine the two, and you’ll get £10 off your £20 purchase (admittedly, you’ll have to spend the £5 voucher later).

You’ll need to be on O2 to get the app, and you need to update to the latest version to see the deal (it’s listed under Xmas on Priority Moments if the advent calendar isn’t working properly!)